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* only available for sale in Hong Kong, Macau, and China

The philosophy “It Does Matter” affects people’s attitude toward life: everything in life matters, even what juice you drink. Every time you say “it doesn’t matter,” you have lost one battle. Making a choice means standing up for oneself.

You have a choice that is not really difficult. Nectar is the biggest fruit processor in South-East Europe, the biggest fruit juice maker in the region, has the most important international quality certificates, the most modern technology, and a complete production process – from growing, through fruit processing to the end product. All this has helped millions of consumers choose Nectar and use that choice to say: it does matter!

Nectar is synonymous for a strong corporate brand that guarantees the quality of each product bearing its label, and firmly proves that it does matter how one does business, especially if the bar is raised to the highest level.