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* only available for sale in Hong Kong and Macau

mySmoothie is a true fruit smoothie – a blended drink made of fruit and berries with absolutely no added sugar, preservatives or additives.

Our objective has always been quite simply to offer the best tasting smoothies that are nutritious and fun.

As a product from Sweden, we feel obliged to look good. After all, Sweden is an acclaimed international design capital. We have therefore entrusted this very important task to the husband and wife design super-team of Sarah and Jonas to make sure you always feel stylish when seen holding a mySmoothie.

If you weren’t aware, our Swedish roots run deep. Apart from being inspired by former Swedish beauty queen Domenique, each mySmoothie is made in Sweden with tender loving care under the watchful gaze of our production manager Burcin.

Go ahead and try a mySmoothie and feel what it’s like to be a Swedish beauty!!